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Coatimondi Cat Club, a Charter TICA Cat Club, currently hosts a Cat Show in December in Tucson Arizona. The weather is always wonderful, the kittens and cats beautiful, and the exhibitors have lots of fun! Coatimondi Cat Club will be hosting the 2016 Southwest Region Awards show and the 2016 Ragdolls Around the World (RAW) show in December 2016.



Coatimondi Cat Club offers a $1 discount on admission into our show with your donation to our Food Drive for the Community Food Bank. Click here for your Coupon. Show Hours - 3:00 pm - 10pm on Friday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm on Saturday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Sunday

At our shows, you will be able to see Persians, Siamese, Bengals, Maine Coons, Pixiebobs, Chausies, Abyssinians, Somalis, Oriental Shorthairs, British Shorthairs, Munchkins, Savannahs, Ragdolls, Singapuras, Siberians, American Bobtails and more more more!!

About Cat Shows New to cat shows? This link was provided by First in Flight Cat Club for new exibitors.

Community Food Bank

***** Donations of Peanut Butter needed NOW - 24,000 jars a month given out ****

For the past few years, Coatimondi Cat Club has worked in cooperation with the Community Food Bank of Tucson to get donations for the needy in the community. The Mission of the Community Food Bank is: “Through education, advocacy, and the acquisition, storage, and distribution of food, we will anticipate and meet the food needs of the hungry in our community.” We are proud to help this great charity in their mission.


TICA Southwest RegionCoatimondi Cat Club is a member of TICA's Southwest Region. The region consists of 4 states: Arizona, California, Hawaii and Southern Nevada..




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